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In My Dreams

Oh my goodness! Gratitude posts have been flying all over the web of late! I love it! A friend even shared a wonderful blog today by “The Gratitude Guru”! (Thank You, Helen!)

Gratitude has been the word of the week for me as well. It’s even placed itself into my dreams! The other night I had a dream that my husband and I were driving on an unfamiliar road and I looked off to the right and saw a swiftly moving body of water that had several people in cars, trucks and semi’s floating in it! Some were stranded, some were moving along as the water pushed them forward!

I remember saying to my husband; “Look at all of those people who drove into the water!” Then suddenly, we rounded a corner and saw that the water had come over the road and we were rapidly moving and falling over the edge of the road ourselves!

I later thought to myself, how interesting it was that at first were observers of the incident – and then quite suddenly – we were in the midst of it ourselves! (I thought to myself later, what a wonderful metaphor that is for how we human beings often tend to experience life. First observing – then all of the sudden we’re in the middle of something we had no conscious intention of participating in!)

Back to the dream – When we were being pulled into the water ourselves, I instantly reached out to take my husband’s hand and he looked at me in the midst of all this chaos and said;

“I am so grateful for You, Jacqui! I am SO Grateful!” I told him that I was grateful for him too…and in that moment – there was no fear…there was just Love and Gratitude.

The moment I realized this (and it was probably only a nanosecond in my dream) the car somehow found the road again – and we stopped – and we were safe.

I felt relief and great gratitude – however, when I looked out the front window of the car, I noticed that there was a car moving toward us – out of control; slipping through the wave of water. At this point, I calmly told my husband to slowly back up…which he did. We both remained calm and watched ahead and behind us; then we drove in whatever direction was necessary. The dream ended rather abruptly at this point…I remember feeling a bit disappointed in that. I wanted to go back to sleep and find out just what happened next. Then I realized a couple of days later that what happened next was LIFE! Life happened! And that is just how it IS, right?!

I woke up from this dream filled with so much Love and Gratitude for my husband – and for our relationship; our friendship and our life together!

The dream seemed to show me that no matter what is happening – Love and Gratitude will always smooth the way far better than fear or worry! What a wonderful way for Spirit to remind me! In My Dreams!!!

These thoughts today, caused me to remember this beautiful video/song that I found last month. I listen to it often, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Many thanks to Daniel Christopherson – “Daniel InSource” on Facebook. Love is Who We Are!


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