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It is in the early morning hours that my house takes on a different energy. It’s a magic-like energy.

In the early morning house… there is no clutter, no dirty dishes, no laundry unfolded or trash to take out… and certainly no dust-bunnies living under my bed! 

My early morning house lovingly holds the sounds of dogs and cats and a husband making sleeping noises. It holds the sound of my tap, tap, tapping on the laptop as I type words onto my blog or on facebook. It holds the potential for the smell of brewing coffee that can be expressed with the twist of a button on my coffee pot – after I make that final decision that “YES, I AM up for the day”!

From time to time, friends may hear me complain about my sleeping habits. For it is true, there are days that bedtime occurs at 7:30 PM, as it did tonight…and days that my internal clock awakens me at 1 AM or 2 or 3 or 4…or even at midnight, as it did this morning. So there are days that can feel rather long and yawny. (Is that a word? – If not, I think it should be. I like that word; yawny)

Yet…bemoan as I may…there IS a magic in my early morning house.

It holds the time of day when I am most open to receive the gifts of conscious quiet, conscious thought and conscious connection to My God in a manner that is quite different during the rest of the day; when the house becomes fully awake.

And so I believe that I have come to honor and enjoy this early morning house…this early morning house that exists for just a while in between the hours of deep sleep and alertness, responsibility and “to do lists”.

There is peace and potential waiting to be expressed in the early morning house. And breathing . . . There is the sweet sound of a contented pup moaning in his sleep as he chases dream-bunnies and a soft purr from a kitten curled up in the bed between my husband and I. . . and oh… there is gratitude! So much gratitude!

My early morning house feels grateful for the blessings in my life, grateful for this new day, grateful for the possibilities and opportunities that lie before me, around me…WITHIN me!

And so it is that I attempt just briefly, to share this time with you … This Sacred Time . . . My early morning house and Me. Thank You for visiting!

Blessings Upon Your Day!



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