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A beautiful gift blew into my “IN Box” this morning. It came from one of those friends many of us are familiar with: a person known through joys, concerns, comments and hilarity shared via facebook or email. Someone I’ve never had the honor of physically hugging. (Those who know me also know that I’m a hugger. I hug my friends, I hug my patient’s, and I hug strangers; when they allow me to!)

I realized this morning that there are other ways of hugging someone. Especially when many miles appear to separate us physically. An email hug in the form of a note – a posted hug on facebook: … and I am sure there is a plethora of other ways we hug one another from afar!

So this morning, I received the most wonderful hug from my friend Sue. (Thank You, Sue!) It was in the form of an awesome video produced by PBS. I truly feel blessed by the beauty shared in this 2 minute video, which is actually a commercial for PBS. A very creative and beautiful commercial.

And as I watched the beauty, the colors, the animals; I also became quite aware of the feelings that these images elicited from my heart. I began to wonder to myself.

I wondered; “What other images of beauty, love, serenity, tranquility (and so on) move the hearts and souls of others. More specifically; I wondered what moves YOU…my friends and fellow readers/bloggers!

So my question to YOU today is… What moves YOU? What images inspire those wonderful feelings that emerge; just from the sight of them? What images inspire feelings of love, gratitude, peace or any other wonderful feeling that is special to YOU?!

Blessings Upon Your Day!


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