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A couple of years ago, I realized that it was time to adopt another feline family member. We had one tabby; Idgie…but our other tabby (Romey) had died a few months prior and well…

  Image  Photo: Idgie and Murphy

Idgie was missing her playmate. One night I had a dream about 3 kittens laying in a basket. One was gray and white with a black colored lightening bolt shape across it’s back. I just knew somehow that this kitten was a boy. And I wondered to myself, how this fellow would emerge into my life.

A few days later, my husband overheard one of his co-workers say that she needed to find homes for some kittens that she was fostering. So when he came home, he told me about the kittens and pulled up her facebook page so I could see some photos. And there it was! My dream from the other night! A photo of 3 kittens together; the one in the middle was gray and white. The only difference was that the lightening bolt shape on his back was WHITE instead of black!

I called Heidi immediately and asked if I could come by and see her kittens. She informed me that she only had one of the babies left (of the 3 in the photo). Without even thinking, I said; “It’s the gray and white one, isn’t it?” She seemed surprised that I knew this. I just said; “I knew it was him!” (Yes…he was a boy!)

I met him and loved him immediately; and after a couple days of spitting at one another, “Bolt” – who later was renamed “Murphy” – and Idgie became fast friends over a helping of catnip.

When I heard the story of how “Chester’s Place – A Home to go to” was started, I became quite a fan. I’ve been volunteering whenever I’ve had free time since that time. I volunteer in small ways; supporting their events, helping them post interesting quotes and photos on their facebook page, and more recently, beginning a newsletter and joining the adoption team.

I’ve watched these wonderful volunteers (who joyfully call themselves “The Crazy Cat Ladies”) work diligently and compassionately to find homes for cats in need. Not only the cute little babies, but also caring for a pride of feline HIV positive cats and working to feed abandoned cats in feral colonies – trapping them, spaying/neutering and giving medical care when needed. It’s a full time job that takes a village . . . . It pays in purrs and licks and head nudges. (A wonderful salary, yet one that does not pay the bills for running a rescue)

Being a non-profit organization, Chester’s Place relies upon the loving donations of friends who assist in supporting them. And when funds get low, The Cat Ladies tend to pull that money out of their own pockets rather than let a cat go hungry.

So if you want to know what I’ve been doing lately…I’ve become a Crazy Cat Lady too! Helping my friends raise funds and awareness for Chester’s Place.

Currently,Chetser’s Place is need of finances to help with the care of their kittens that were rescued this spring! They require vaccinations, testing, de-worming and also to be spayed or neutered. Any amount that you may be willing to donate on their behalf would be greatly appreciated! And if finances do not allow a donation – your thoughts and prayers are just as important and appreciated! Thanks in advance!

We sat down a few days ago and figured out that if 150 friends could donate 10 dollars each, we would meet our goal in 30 days, which is when it’s time for our Spring Kittens to have the spay/neuter surgeries and their tests and vaccines! So I invite my friends to share, Share, SHARE this blog and get the word out to those who may be willing and able to assist us!

Hopefully, my “widget” for our ChipIn site is attached properly (I’m still new at the I.T. job) 🙂 You may pledge via PayPal or major credit card.

Please feel free to visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/chestersplace as well!

If the widget doesn’t work – Here is the direct link to the page for donations:


Thanks again for reading my blog – Blessings to all!



Contact information:


Phone: 605-255-4069


Email: chestersplace@gmail.com



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