A couple of years ago, I realized that it was time to adopt another feline family member. We had one tabby; Idgie…but our other tabby (Romey) had died a few months prior and well…

  Image  Photo: Idgie and Murphy

Idgie was missing her playmate. One night I had a dream about 3 kittens laying in a basket. One was gray and white with a black colored lightening bolt shape across it’s back. I just knew somehow that this kitten was a boy. And I wondered to myself, how this fellow would emerge into my life.

A few days later, my husband overheard one of his co-workers say that she needed to find homes for some kittens that she was fostering. So when he came home, he told me about the kittens and pulled up her facebook page so I could see some photos. And there it was! My dream from the other night! A photo of 3 kittens together; the one in the middle was gray and white. The only difference was that the lightening bolt shape on his back was WHITE instead of black!

I called Heidi immediately and asked if I could come by and see her kittens. She informed me that she only had one of the babies left (of the 3 in the photo). Without even thinking, I said; “It’s the gray and white one, isn’t it?” She seemed surprised that I knew this. I just said; “I knew it was him!” (Yes…he was a boy!)

I met him and loved him immediately; and after a couple days of spitting at one another, “Bolt” – who later was renamed “Murphy” – and Idgie became fast friends over a helping of catnip.

When I heard the story of how “Chester’s Place – A Home to go to” was started, I became quite a fan. I’ve been volunteering whenever I’ve had free time since that time. I volunteer in small ways; supporting their events, helping them post interesting quotes and photos on their facebook page, and more recently, beginning a newsletter and joining the adoption team.

I’ve watched these wonderful volunteers (who joyfully call themselves “The Crazy Cat Ladies”) work diligently and compassionately to find homes for cats in need. Not only the cute little babies, but also caring for a pride of feline HIV positive cats and working to feed abandoned cats in feral colonies – trapping them, spaying/neutering and giving medical care when needed. It’s a full time job that takes a village . . . . It pays in purrs and licks and head nudges. (A wonderful salary, yet one that does not pay the bills for running a rescue)

Being a non-profit organization, Chester’s Place relies upon the loving donations of friends who assist in supporting them. And when funds get low, The Cat Ladies tend to pull that money out of their own pockets rather than let a cat go hungry.

So if you want to know what I’ve been doing lately…I’ve become a Crazy Cat Lady too! Helping my friends raise funds and awareness for Chester’s Place.

Currently,Chetser’s Place is need of finances to help with the care of their kittens that were rescued this spring! They require vaccinations, testing, de-worming and also to be spayed or neutered. Any amount that you may be willing to donate on their behalf would be greatly appreciated! And if finances do not allow a donation – your thoughts and prayers are just as important and appreciated! Thanks in advance!

We sat down a few days ago and figured out that if 150 friends could donate 10 dollars each, we would meet our goal in 30 days, which is when it’s time for our Spring Kittens to have the spay/neuter surgeries and their tests and vaccines! So I invite my friends to share, Share, SHARE this blog and get the word out to those who may be willing and able to assist us!

Hopefully, my “widget” for our ChipIn site is attached properly (I’m still new at the I.T. job) 🙂 You may pledge via PayPal or major credit card.

Please feel free to visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/chestersplace as well!

If the widget doesn’t work – Here is the direct link to the page for donations:


Thanks again for reading my blog – Blessings to all!



Contact information:


Phone: 605-255-4069


Email: chestersplace@gmail.com


A beautiful gift blew into my “IN Box” this morning. It came from one of those friends many of us are familiar with: a person known through joys, concerns, comments and hilarity shared via facebook or email. Someone I’ve never had the honor of physically hugging. (Those who know me also know that I’m a hugger. I hug my friends, I hug my patient’s, and I hug strangers; when they allow me to!)

I realized this morning that there are other ways of hugging someone. Especially when many miles appear to separate us physically. An email hug in the form of a note – a posted hug on facebook: … and I am sure there is a plethora of other ways we hug one another from afar!

So this morning, I received the most wonderful hug from my friend Sue. (Thank You, Sue!) It was in the form of an awesome video produced by PBS. I truly feel blessed by the beauty shared in this 2 minute video, which is actually a commercial for PBS. A very creative and beautiful commercial.

And as I watched the beauty, the colors, the animals; I also became quite aware of the feelings that these images elicited from my heart. I began to wonder to myself.

I wondered; “What other images of beauty, love, serenity, tranquility (and so on) move the hearts and souls of others. More specifically; I wondered what moves YOU…my friends and fellow readers/bloggers!

So my question to YOU today is… What moves YOU? What images inspire those wonderful feelings that emerge; just from the sight of them? What images inspire feelings of love, gratitude, peace or any other wonderful feeling that is special to YOU?!

Blessings Upon Your Day!

“Middle Aged”


I AM Fifty, Fabulous and Happy!

I remember one day (way back when) as a youngster; sitting on the couch in the family room with my Dad on his birthday. As I recall, he was turning 40 that day, He looked over at me and said; “Oh Jacqui, I am OLD!”  I couldn’t imagine my Dad being “old”.  I really couldn’t! So I looked at him and said;  “Daddy, You aren’t OLD, in fact, you’re not even middle aged yet!” To which he replied; “How do you figure that?” And using the common sense of a person MY age, I said; “Well…..50 is half of 100!” So here  I AM, on the morning before my 50th birthday, and I AM remembering this conversation from long ago that I had with my Dad about aging.  And I continue to believe that 50 is half of 100 . . . and rather than be sad about how “old” I AM; I’m actually rather elated to be able to say now, that I AM 50! I’m “middle aged”!  More than this though; I AM happy, I AM content, as I continue this awesome journey that I call My life and I AM excited to see how the rest of it unfolds! Excited to see what’s around the next corner! And so it is, that as I peek around the corner that is tomorrow (when I become officially “middle aged”) I hold the same intention for You as I AM holding, knowing and claiming for myself…Enjoy middle age – Explore middle age – Be FabulousBe Happy as Your Life Unfolds in Perfect, Interesting, Awesome and Divine Order! Woo Hoo!

In My Dreams

Oh my goodness! Gratitude posts have been flying all over the web of late! I love it! A friend even shared a wonderful blog today by “The Gratitude Guru”! (Thank You, Helen!)

Gratitude has been the word of the week for me as well. It’s even placed itself into my dreams! The other night I had a dream that my husband and I were driving on an unfamiliar road and I looked off to the right and saw a swiftly moving body of water that had several people in cars, trucks and semi’s floating in it! Some were stranded, some were moving along as the water pushed them forward!

I remember saying to my husband; “Look at all of those people who drove into the water!” Then suddenly, we rounded a corner and saw that the water had come over the road and we were rapidly moving and falling over the edge of the road ourselves!

I later thought to myself, how interesting it was that at first were observers of the incident – and then quite suddenly – we were in the midst of it ourselves! (I thought to myself later, what a wonderful metaphor that is for how we human beings often tend to experience life. First observing – then all of the sudden we’re in the middle of something we had no conscious intention of participating in!)

Back to the dream – When we were being pulled into the water ourselves, I instantly reached out to take my husband’s hand and he looked at me in the midst of all this chaos and said;

“I am so grateful for You, Jacqui! I am SO Grateful!” I told him that I was grateful for him too…and in that moment – there was no fear…there was just Love and Gratitude.

The moment I realized this (and it was probably only a nanosecond in my dream) the car somehow found the road again – and we stopped – and we were safe.

I felt relief and great gratitude – however, when I looked out the front window of the car, I noticed that there was a car moving toward us – out of control; slipping through the wave of water. At this point, I calmly told my husband to slowly back up…which he did. We both remained calm and watched ahead and behind us; then we drove in whatever direction was necessary. The dream ended rather abruptly at this point…I remember feeling a bit disappointed in that. I wanted to go back to sleep and find out just what happened next. Then I realized a couple of days later that what happened next was LIFE! Life happened! And that is just how it IS, right?!

I woke up from this dream filled with so much Love and Gratitude for my husband – and for our relationship; our friendship and our life together!

The dream seemed to show me that no matter what is happening – Love and Gratitude will always smooth the way far better than fear or worry! What a wonderful way for Spirit to remind me! In My Dreams!!!

These thoughts today, caused me to remember this beautiful video/song that I found last month. I listen to it often, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Many thanks to Daniel Christopherson – “Daniel InSource” on Facebook. Love is Who We Are!

Here Come The Judge!

Judgment is a faculty of the mind that can be exercised in two ways – from sense perception or spiritual understanding. If its action is based on sense perception its conclusions are fallible and often critical. If our judgments are based on spiritual understanding, well…that’s a different story.

Spiritual discernment is the inner voice expressed. It is that quality in us, which carefully weighs a question and draws a conclusion.

The prevailing tendency of judgment is toward caution, fearfulness, criticism, and condemnation, when it draws its conclusions from the effect side of existence. We can choose however; to seek instead: the spiritual aspect of this faculty, which includes our inner guidance, intuition and understanding.

In Matt. 7:1 it is written: “Judge not that ye be not judged”. Jesus’ famous words. Judge not that ye be not judged. Simple words; simple truth…Right?!

I am wondering how my words would be received if I were to be standing before a crowd and sharing this message dressed in high top gym shoes, a pair of leggings, an old T-shirt and a belly dancing scarf tied around my waist. And maybe a few gaudy bracelets and a big, floppy black hat with a peacock feather sticking out of it to finish out the ensemble?

 I think that this would be a great way to talk about not judging by appearances! In fact, I did just THAT when I originally shared this message with my Spiritual Community a few years ago. The outfit was a bit different, because to tell the truth; I just don’t remember what outfit I wore…but suffice it to say that it was something odd…which for people who know me well…not everyone noticed the odd outfit right away. 🙂

However, the point is; that what our minds tell us to be true is often not the case. . . I was and AM the same person whether I am wearing a strange getup OR in more appropriate dress! But… what would the critical mind say about that? What would someone visiting my Spiritual Center for the first time say about that?

There is a phenomenon I have noticed in ministry, and one I’ve mentioned on so many occasions I couldn’t begin to venture a guess on the number! I’ve noticed that whatever topic I’m speaking about, I am always blessed with a first hand opportunity to EXPERIENCE the lesson within that message. And so, when I chosee to share a message about “judgment“, I thought to myself; “Oh GREAT”!

A few days before the Sunday Message, I awoke early… and as I lay there thinking about the message that I was going to be sharing (about judgement) I was startled by a voice in my head that said;

“Who is it that you are judging?”

I sat straight up in bed as the question registered in my conscious mind. Who am I judging? Then, just as suddenly, the face of someone from high school crossed my mind and it stunned me as I realized I had indeed been judgmental towards this person. I had been remembering her as shallow and conceited and I had doubts about how trustworthy she was. . . I suddenly realized that I had quickly labeled her that way and then (just as quickly) filed her away in my mind without another thought.

So, once I realized what I’d been doing, I decided to surround her with love and light and forgiveness. I RELEASED her…. I let go of all expectations of her and just sent her unconditional love. And after this, I took some time to remember some of the things I had previously appreciated about her. It felt very uplifting. Then… I waited to see what happened.

Wouldn’t you know, the very next day, I received an email from that person! And she was loving and kind and cheerful. And I said “Wow, this stuff really works!” Well… I already knew this stuff works, that’s why I did it! But I always seem to be amazed anyway when it happens!

I guess amazed isn’t quite the right word…maybe “in awe” is a better term. And as I was thinking about this experience some more, I remembered an old friend named Sula Wolfe. Sula is a large, black woman who has been a friend of my family for over forty years. She was 92 at the time I first shared this message…and her spirit and faith never once appeared to falter in all of the years I’ve known her.

ImageNow… this is not a photo of Sula – but (and I thank Harry Cutting in advance for the use of this photo and hope he doesn’t mind – and I imagine that he would appreciate the plug for a great photographer)… being without a photo of Sula, I did my best to find one close to what she looked like and this is pretty close!

One of my favorite stories that I remember of Sula occurred many years ago, back when I was probably around 9 or 10. Sula had come to a point where she realized that she had no money for food or to pay her utility bills – and it was in the middle of winter. She told me that she had gone to sleep with these concerns heavy on her heart. But while she slept, she had a dream. In this dream, someone told her to call a certain telephone number right away, and that all of her debts would be covered. So, she woke up and called the number and found that it was a radio station; she just happened to be the 12th caller and won a thousand dollars! Now, this is just one story…This stuff seemed to happen to Sula all the time! Her needs, whatever they were; were ALWAYS MET! She KNEW that the Universe was CONSISTENTLY and CONSTANTLY conspiring to support her throughout her life!

Her favorite thing to say (and she said it a lot) was; “Ain’t God good, Miss Jacqui? God is sooooooo good!” So it was, that on the night where I had this profound realization about my high school friend; I thought to myself, that rather than responding to this type of experience with; “Wow, this stuff really works!” I would sooooo much rather say; “Ain’t God Good?! God is sooooo good!”

So what does Sula have to do with judgment? All sorts of things!

First off, Sula could appear a bit eccentric. She had such a strong faith that …well…she could come off a bit overwhelming to some people; especially when she talked about God and how good He is!

Sula always smelled of Rose perfume…lots of it…and she always had bright red lipstick on her lips and she loved to kiss me on the forehead.   I adored her. . . I still do! Still, some people judged Sula in negative ways, perhaps some them, because she was black…and others; because she was so different.

Because she was so different was one of the things I loved about her!  She raised her children as a single mother during a time when that was not looked upon kindly, she married a white man in the early 1970’s, she opened her own business (a resale shop) in an almost purely white neighborhood and succeeded greatly in it!

She was judged negatively . . . a lot. Her faith and commitment to this same creative process is what I recognize in her now and admired in her way back then. She didn’t let any of that negative stuff (real or imagined) step in her way.


Now, back to my high school friend that I noticed I’d been judging: the gift that I received from that experience was becoming conscious that I was being judgmental. But most important, I believe the GREATEST gift was the realization that perhaps those judgements I’d made were not even ABOUT HER! I believe that life, after all, is a mirror… and therefore, an opportunity for me to see myself in others…or my fears in others…or my judgements in others. 

Now, I also believe that there is a difference between judging and assessing. We have the power of discernment to make assessments every day. The difference is that a judgment usually has some sort of emotional attachment to it – fear, victimhood, anger, self-righteousness.

I like to call it The meaning-making habit.

Now here’s an example to clarify meaning making; you may have heard this before.

There was a man who was driving along a winding mountain road. Another car came around a bend and the man who was driving it stuck his head out of the window and yelled “Pig”!

The first man was taken aback and became angry at his rudeness. Then he rounded the bend and almost ran over a pig in the middle of the road!

Meaning making!

When we are quick to condemn, we are forgetting that God is present in every situation and we cut ourselves off from the good that situation may hold for us. What we send out to the universe; comes back to us, doesn’t it?!!!!

Judge not lest ye also be judged. What a brilliant teaching!

Judging effects, rather than seeing the cause at the center of it all, means that we are buying into an illusion. It’s like watching a projector send an image onto the screen and seeing that as reality. If we turn off the projector, what happens? It’s not real! In the same way, Spirit is expressing the infinite forms around us, and if we can see with the eyes of God, we can then see it all as good. As Eric Butterworth says, we will discover that ALL is Divine. Or as William Blake once said, “To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wildflower…”

Every person on earth is a divine being on a deep level…  Sometimes we may be very skillful at concealing that identity…but that doesn’t alter the fact that The Christ is within every one of us and we can learn to remember to recognize and honor this in each and every human being that we meet!

I believe that there is no one in all of history that is not lovable at the divine core, because God is at the center of that core!

However, there have been many whose actions are unlikable and unacceptable. Does refraining from judgment mean that we accept abusive treatment? No! Judging rightly (from a Spiritual place) does not mean that we go along with inappropriate behavior from others.

This is where our discernment and wise judgment comes in.

There is nothing wrong with choosing not to associate with or accept certain kinds of behaviors. Jesus taught us to love one another but He never required us to like the negative actions that we might encounter.

I believe that the lesson is, to REmember that The Christ resides within each person, and that (no matter what) each individual has the divine essence within him or her… even if their actions don’t always appear express it.

I believe that we are being called to see The Christ within each other. If we don’t, if we are harsh and judgmental, it separates us from The Divine – from Spirit. And when were are separate, doesn’t that condemnation also hurt the one throwing the stone? It might certainly impede our travel on the spiritual path. So, we can choose to hold the intention of SEEING RIGHTLY.

Life is experienced through our beliefs and so two people can have the same life circumstance occur and still have a completely different experience. Here’s a good example of this:

Two people visiting Oregon from the eastern part of the U.S. wrote letters on the same day in March. One said “It’s a beautiful day in Oregon” and the other wrote “It’s the first day the sun has shone in a month.” Both told the truth. The difference was how they saw it.

It’s called “same place, different heart”  When we see life through the eyes of Spirit; with God’s eyes – we will see only good… all the time.

  • Let’s remember more often to trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let’s move from critic to coach!

When we treat one another with kindness and respect, it is like holding up a mirror of our true essence. There is a native saying that reads, “What you see with your eyes shut is what counts“. And that is how I believe that we can ALL practice experiencing our lives. By looking within and allowing Spirit to show us the Truth. And through this, we have the power to pronounce it good!

We can create a habit of asking Spirit to show us the Truth of the situation. And use our power as an expression of the Light to pronounce it good. That takes faith! To stand in the presence of a negative appearance and pronounce it good takes faith!

Jesus demonstrated that kind of faith when He decreed abundance in the face of lack and fed the multitudes. He decreed wholeness in the face of illness and the sick were healed! He decreed life and the dead were raised. Can you see the power of pronouncing life  GOoD no matter what the outer appearance may be telling us? And what did Jesus say?

Greater works than these shall ye do when you believe.

And I believe that means looking beyond the outer appearance and seeing the Truth!

Wait to see if what you believe now, ends up being other than you thought. Life looks different depending upon the season you’re traveling through.

In closing, I’d like to share just one more thought, which is that You and I are masters of our own worlds. We live in a universe that is responsive to our thoughts and beliefs and words… and we can transform our lives (AND the lives of others) by lifting our vision to the highest and best and choosing to see GOoD in every situation!

Ain’t God Good?!

Namaste My Friends!

An addendum to this message: I did discover in the Summer of 2011, that Sula had made her transition to the other side. I am certain that she did so with the ease and grace of which she lived her life. She continues to be an inspiration and an example for me to follow in my life, in my faith and in my JOY!

My Agape family in the Black Hills of South Dakota is very familiar with Sula’s favorite phrase;  “Ain’t God Good?!” We joyfully repeat it from time to time – and bless the Spirit of Sula Wolfe!

(Yes, Sula…God IS sooooooooooooooooo Good! I Love You!)

Sharing Stories

I like to share stories with others. I share stories with friends, stories in the messages that I present at Agape Spiritual Center and well…just about any time I’m in a  prolonged conversation with someone; a story may come to mind and just BEG to shared!

I share stories about my life – the lessons I’ve learned – the crazy things I’ve done in the past – the dreams I have for the future. But I think my favorite stories are the ones that make me laugh – and hopefully, others too… once they’ve heard the story.

Today however, I have been thinking about the stories that perhaps I tell repeatedly… and how that story can change immensely without my realizing it – until an “aha moment” occurs … as it did on Christmas Day evening during an after-dinner conversation.

What is an “aha moment” you say? It’s a moment of clarity, the aha moment is a defining moment where a person gains real wisdom – wisdom that can be used to change ones life!

So, let’s get back to MY aha moment! My husband Jim and I were blessed to share Christmas Day Evening with our friends (John and Maggie). . . and after dinner, we somehow ended up in a rather lengthy story telling session. Jim and I talked about how we met and our adventures prior to moving to South Dakota and as we did so, a plethora of other stories came to mind and were also shared. Maggie and John had an opportunity to share a few of their stories as well and at some point that night, I just sat in awe at the realization of how interesting, different and amazing each of our lives have been and still ARE! It was such a blessing!

However, that isn’t the main point of this message. So I’ll back up a little bit in order to create a bit more clarity.

Jim and I were telling the story of how we moved into our present home. Our home is a comfortable 92-year-old house with wood floors and a claw-foot bathtub … my two prerequisites for purchasing a home.  Prior to moving here, we lived in a small trailer in the North section of town. It was comfortable, and it was ours. We paid a minimal fee to rent the lot space and life was simple. . . we had no debt, and a home that I could clean from top to bottom in a period of 3 to 4 hours! SIMPLE! 🙂

Well, here’s where the “story” comes in. . .

One day, the trailer court manager called my husband in to his office and informed him that our dog Luke (a yellow lab/golden retriever mix) was 2 inches over the “height limit” for dogs at the park! He basically informed Jim that we had 30 days to get rid of Luke, or MOVE OUT!

Jim went on to explain to our friends that there were several other “park rules” – such as, no barking, no unattended animals left in the yard, and most certainly – no leaving animal droppings in the yards of others or the communal park area.  And of course, we had often observed numerous homes where these other rules were not being followed … but for some strange reason, “out of the blue“, this manager felt that our dog being 2 inches above the height limit was just unacceptable and that he could not (and would not) allow any exceptions to this rule – even though we paid our rent early every month, our dog was NEVER outside unless we were with him and we picked up his droppings ALWAYS!

  • I have since come to understand that “out of the blue” is just another name for God working in Divine Timing and Divine Order! 🙂

It just didn’t make sense to us that we would be evicted from the park for a 2 inch height infraction! But there was no reasoning or bargaining allowed. And so we moved into our home with the wood floors and the claw-foot bathtub!

We judged this “story” as a negative experience for a long time – and quite honestly, I can still feel some of the remaining anger, angst and righteous indignation well up from within when I tell this story… even though I NOW look at this experience as something positive and definitely recognize it as a GIFT that has unfolded in my life!

  • And so it is today, that I am realizing to a greater extent how energy can attach itself not only to “things”, but to my thoughts, words, experiences . . .   and most specifically, to MY STORIES!

Isn’t that interesting?! I AM realizing in this moment, that I can release any of that remaining “ickiness” around the story of finding our new home! It serves no positive purpose to hold onto the” ickiness” part of the story! I had unknowingly been HOLDING ONTO that story! Why?!

Our home was purchased at the exact right time, at an awesome price and in the perfect location! We are so close to EVERYTHING! Close enough to town; but not too close! Close enough to hills and hiking areas; but not too far to keep us from enjoying them. The list goes on!And in addition to all of these other positives about our home; it is also zoned as “commercial” and therefore, can house my husband’s business as well! And so, I am grateful that my dog was “too tall” and that the manager was a rule follower (at least when it came to US)!

Our being “forced to” move…was a GIFT! And the TRUTH of the matter is that we weren’t forced at all! We were moving toward our highest good, which I believe is meant to be for each and every one of us! Our job then, is to recognize those moments and heed the call!

The same person who co-created with Jim and I, the impetus to move into our own home – came back (in a round-about way) into my life several years later in the form of a move from one Spiritual Community to my current one. And this move also had the initial appearance of being unwanted and most definitely; uncomfortable!

Yet again, the initial appearance could not have been further from The Truth! Why?! Because I truly believe that my Spirit ‘called for’ that experience LONG before it actually came into expression through him, myself and several others! And it truly WAS and IS what I wanted … It just took a while for me to REALIZE that I had spent several years prior to that experience, trying to fit a square peg in a round hole! 

At that time in my life, I hadn’t been following MY true Spiritual Path – I’d been attempting to conform my path to that of others! I didn’t realize for quite some time, that I’d taken a different branch on the path a couple of years before that time!

  • As I was sharing these stories on Christmas night – I came fully into the realization of what this one man’s presence had  represented in MY life for ME! And this felt so astoundingly Loving and Beautiful!
  • I realized that (in our Oneness) his soul must love mine so much, that it agreed to express as the appearance of something “unwanted or unfair” in order to assist in gently nudging me forward to something better (for ME)! Well, “pushing” might be a more accurate term in this case; I WILL admit to being quite stubborn sometimes! 🙂
  • I do believe though, that he was an integral part of the expression of a gift and a blessing BOTH times!
  • The impetus for me to begin pecking my way out of the comfortable egg-shell that I had outgrown.

The egg-shell reference is best explained by Reverend Michael Beckwith, who tells a story about how a chick pecks its way out of its shell at just the right time and in just the right manner.

In this story, he shares the importance of that process being allowed to unfold in the manner in which it does … long and tedious; appearing almost painful in the labor it takes for the chick to peck its way out.

But just like a butterfly will be unable to fly and will die if the liquid is not expressed from the lungs via the squeezing process as it makes its way out of the cocoon – the same is true for the chick. In addition, where a chick is concerned – it matures to a certain point and then can no longer rid itself of its waste nor obtain oxygen through the pores of the egg-shell. Therefore, it must begin pecking a hole through its shell in order to breathe air and get out of that shell in order to not inhale its own waste products!

  • So this is the analogy that I AM remembering today.
  • Both times that a move or change appeared to be “forced upon me“, I believe that it was because I had outgrown my egg-shell! I just required a little push in order to begin pecking my way toward my highest and best!

And I Thank God, that I chose to begin the pecking out of my shell process, rather than suffocating or figuratively “drowning in my own crap“! 🙂 Is that a great metaphor, or what?! 🙂

So what did I learn from today’s musings? I believe that I learned that it’s fine to tell my stories. It’s one way that we share our life lessons and experiences.

I CAN however, stop now and then and NOTICE what type of energy I am attaching to my stories – and I can CHOOSE to release that, which no longer serves me. . .  sort of like an egg-shell that no longer serves as a proper home!

Blessings Upon Your Day!

The Early Morning House


It is in the early morning hours that my house takes on a different energy. It’s a magic-like energy.

In the early morning house… there is no clutter, no dirty dishes, no laundry unfolded or trash to take out… and certainly no dust-bunnies living under my bed! 

My early morning house lovingly holds the sounds of dogs and cats and a husband making sleeping noises. It holds the sound of my tap, tap, tapping on the laptop as I type words onto my blog or on facebook. It holds the potential for the smell of brewing coffee that can be expressed with the twist of a button on my coffee pot – after I make that final decision that “YES, I AM up for the day”!

From time to time, friends may hear me complain about my sleeping habits. For it is true, there are days that bedtime occurs at 7:30 PM, as it did tonight…and days that my internal clock awakens me at 1 AM or 2 or 3 or 4…or even at midnight, as it did this morning. So there are days that can feel rather long and yawny. (Is that a word? – If not, I think it should be. I like that word; yawny)

Yet…bemoan as I may…there IS a magic in my early morning house.

It holds the time of day when I am most open to receive the gifts of conscious quiet, conscious thought and conscious connection to My God in a manner that is quite different during the rest of the day; when the house becomes fully awake.

And so I believe that I have come to honor and enjoy this early morning house…this early morning house that exists for just a while in between the hours of deep sleep and alertness, responsibility and “to do lists”.

There is peace and potential waiting to be expressed in the early morning house. And breathing . . . There is the sweet sound of a contented pup moaning in his sleep as he chases dream-bunnies and a soft purr from a kitten curled up in the bed between my husband and I. . . and oh… there is gratitude! So much gratitude!

My early morning house feels grateful for the blessings in my life, grateful for this new day, grateful for the possibilities and opportunities that lie before me, around me…WITHIN me!

And so it is that I attempt just briefly, to share this time with you … This Sacred Time . . . My early morning house and Me. Thank You for visiting!

Blessings Upon Your Day!